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Mail order rule

  •  Article distributor SUZUKI-TOMI CO.,LTD.
      Tokyo,Toshima-ku,Minami-Ikebukuro,3-9-2-2F,171-0022 JAPAN
      person in charge: Suzuki Nobuko
                 Suzuki Shintaro

  • Reference: It is about an article & order
                 e-mail: welcome@nekutai-shop.com

  TEL: 81−3−6912−7950
                  FAX: 81−3ー5950−7881

  •  Consumption tax: consumption tax is included in a price 

  •  article method for purchase: I accept it in e-mail. In that case, it is
          Phone number
          E-mail address
          Order article
          Number of the orders
         Please transmit a message in welcome@nekutai-shop.com after specification
  •  Payment method:payment method by the following methods
           I send it out by COD mail mail from a post office. Please pay the price in the case of an article receipt. Bank transfer, a postal transfer are possible by hope, too

  •  The postage: We receive the actual expenses
  •  About exchange returned goodsWhen I am assigned to quality control, I consider it enough, but the article which I sent please contact it in the case of an article difference and damage at the time of the transportation and a dirt immediately by any chance. I will change it. .I ask for a proposal of returned goods within seven days of article arrival, Exchange by circumstances of a visitor, the postage of returned goods will assume it a burden of a visitor. Please forgive returned goods exchange of returned goods after article use or the article which a dirt by responsibility of a visitor and damage produced.
  • A COD mail fee receives the actual expenses.
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